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Updated 5, February, 2007 - Added secondary server

Lots of things have transpired over the 1.5 years since my last news bit. Recently, I've added a second server to Excelsior's Castle. The first server is still running Fedora Core 1. I would prefer not to use the update path to upgrade it to FC6. So, I've installed a fresh copy onto Excel2400 and have been moving services to that computer. The intent is to offload services from Exceluber, then install FC6 on it fresh and clean. This process will probably occur over several months.

Updated 10, June, 2005 - Installed PHP GED View

Installed phpGEDView online genealogy viewer.

Updated 7, June, 2005 - Installed B2 Evolution Web Logger.

Installed B2 Evolution Web Logger (Blog).

Updated 2, June, 2005 - Gallery2 web based Photo Gallery Installed

Installed Gallery2 open source PHP based multi-user photo gallery.

Updated 11, November, 2004 - WebCalendar Installed.

Installed WebCalendar open source PHP based multi-user calendar.

Updated 9, September, 2004 - PostNuke Content Management System.

Installed PostNuke CMS.

Updated 31, March, 2004 - Graphics Editing Tools.

Experimenting with different Graphics Editing Tools. Tried VCD VidMan's Photo Editor, Paint Shop Pro, and The Gimp (2.0 has been released for both Linux and Win32 but I haven't installed them yet). If you have any good recomendations, I'd be glad to hear of them.

Updated 25, March, 2004 - Experimenting with layouts.

I'm working on adding some graphics to this page. You can view the alternate layout by selecting Alt Layout on the left menu.

Updated 22, March, 2004 - Excelsior's Castle Established

Excelsior's Castle established on this day, 22 March, 2004. Please be sure to drop by the Forums and join in on the discussions, online gaming being the primary focus. If you have an email account on Excelsior's Castle, you may now use the web based email client to read your mail from any web browser. You'll find links for both the Forums and Webmail on the left menu.